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Do you remember when everyone was all about sourdough starters and hoarding toilet paper back in 2020? Now, that was something else. What about the data science job market?

Now, that was really nuts. It felt like a kid hopped up on sugar bouncing around a trampoline! For anyone with a laptop and a knack for numbers, it was as though christmas had come early, companies then couldn’t find enough data scientists, data engineers and data analysts.

You all know how it goes, good things sometimes come to an end. A big chunk (aproximately 90%) of big tech companies began cutting down on their data science job listings by 2023. Yeah, it was a hard reality check for many folks out there looking to dive into or stay in the field. It felt as if someone hit the lights at the party and everyone saw the mess left behind.

Now that we’re in 2024, things look pretty different out there in the data science world. But don’t fret! There’s still hope. Think of it as moving from the crazy days to times with more order, clearer paths and opportunities.

In 2024, what is hot? 🔥

Specialization is Key: Is it true that gone are the days of being good at everything when it comes to tech? And particularly tied to our topic. Now it’s about finding your niche and rocking it. If you’re a machine learning star or have ninja-level data engineering skills, you’re gonna be sought after.

Coding Skills Are King: Python and SQL are still top dogs in data science. Not comfy with these? It’s like trying to order pizza without knowing any local words – you’ll get something, but maybe not what you wanted.

AI is Your New BFF: ChatGPT, Gemini, Galactica – sounds like sci-fi stuff but they’re actually powerful tools shaking things up. Embracing AI is like having an assistant handle boring stuff so you can focus on fun and creative tasks.

Challenges for Data warriors in 2024 🤔

Show Me the Money: The days of splurging on anyone claiming to be a “data scientist” are over. Companies want proof your work holds value. So if you wanna stick around, showcase results that are worth every penny.

Keep Up with the Joneses: The AI world moves super fast, faster than you can imagine! You’ve gotta keep learning and adapting because even the coolest tech today can be old news-stale milk tomorrow.

The Bottom Line: Data Science is Still a Wild Ride 🎢

So that’s where we stand now folks! The landscape has seen big shifts over these years but hey – who doesn’t love an exciting rollercoaster ride? Sure there are bumps along the way but plenty of thrills too.

If you love data and are ready to keep learning and embrace the ever-changing AI world then fasten your seat belt! Take action? Hop aboard & enjoy the crazy data science revolution ride in 2024! 🚀


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